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An SEO Plugin That Works With Any Website Technology Stack Or Backend. Easily Edit SEO Settings For Any Page In The Browser

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Edit your search appearance on any website

With our Universal SEO Plugin, you can edit your search appearance (title and meta description) for any website in the world without worrying about the technology stack. We use a one line javascript install to support editing any page on any website backend (wordpress, shopify, wix, squarespace, next, hugo, nuxt, eleventy, gatsby, jekyll etc.).

How it works

  1. Install our javascript tag on your website
  2. Log in to Searchramen
  3. Add page edit
  4. Review and save page edit
  5. Wait 24 to 48 hours for Google to pick up the change
  6. Enjoy better click through rate and ranking position
Benefits of our SEO Page Editor

Frequently Asked Questions

Will your plugin effect load speed of the website?

Searchramen uses an async script tag and an international CDN with sub millisecond response so our plugin doesn't effect the loading of assets on your website.

Does your SEO plugin work on any backend?

Yes. Our plugin is pure html so any backend technology supports our one line install. Simply paste the one line tag into the "head" section of your website code.

Do you need to be a developer to install your SEO plugin?

No. If you have ever installed google analytics on a website or another js script tag you will easily be able to install Searchramen.

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