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Track Impressions And Clicks Of Your Brand Over Time Using Searchramen Brand Monitoring.

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Brand Monitoring Feature by Searchramen

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Track your brand impressions using Google search.

With Brand Monitoring, track your companies brand over time by monitoring the number of times people search for your brand and associated brand keywords.

Brand Comparison Periods

  • 7 day
  • 14 days
  • 28 days
  • 45 days

Brand Monitoring Stats

  • Brand Impressions
  • Brand Clicks
Brand Monitoring Benefits

Frequently Asked Questions

What are brand keywords?

Brand keywords are search terms that represent your brand and generally include modifiers either infront of or behind your brandname for e.g "brandname", "brandname services", "new products brandname" etc.

How do I find brand keywords?

Easy. Searchramen has a search bar in both our rank tracking and brand monitoring that allows you to search your brand keywords easily. This will show you all your brand keywords that you can add to brand monitoring.

Why should I use organic search traffic to monitor my brand?

Organic search traffic is one of the best indicators of your brands popularity as it shows a direct enquiry into a product or service you may be offering. Sometimes it can be hard to monitor branding through social media or other channels as your demographics can be skewed and traffic data can be inaccurate. In our experience organic search doesn't suffer from these downsides and offers the most unbiased and genuine tracking of a brand.

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