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Rank Tracking Feature by Searchramen

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Monitor and track your keyword rankings

With Rank Tracking, you can track your keyword positions for desktop, mobile and tablet over any time frame. Easily sort by top keywords, most improved keywords, new keywords, declined keywords and favorites. Also, easily add keywords to favorites which helps you track important keyword positions.

Device Positions Tracked

  • Desktop
  • Mobile
  • Tablet

Keyword Ranking Sorting Options

  • Top Traffic
  • Top Rankings
  • Improved Traffic
  • Improved Rankings
  • Declined Traffic
  • Declined Rankings
  • New Rankings
  • New Keywords
  • Lost Rankings
  • Favorites
Rank Tracker Benefits

Frequently Asked Questions

What is rank tracking?

Rank tracking is measuring the position of your website on the search engine results page for a given search term (keyword).

How to track local keyword ranking?

Local keyword rankings are tracked through Searchramen by only showing impressions for results shown locally or through modifiers e.g "searchterm cityname". Searchramen specifically uses Google's click and impression data for your website which will only show data when searches are performed locally. Local searches outside of your area will not show up due to google's algorithm leaving your ranking data accurate on a locality scale.

How do I find my ranking?

Searchramen automatically syncs your ranking data from Google. This means you'll be able to find all the search terms (keywords) your website has ranked for.

How to check SEO rank?

Searchramen automatically records your rank for desktop, mobile and tablet devices so you can easily see your keyword positions.

How do I know what keywords I rank for?

Searchramen automatically records all keywords you've ranked for and sorts them by top (keywords with the most clicks/impressions), improved (keywords that have improved in ranking and clicks/impressions since last period), new (keywords that have just started showing your website in searches), declined (keywords that have decreased the most in position or clicks/impressions) and favorites (important keywords that were added by you through our user interface). Searchramen also features an easy to use search function to find any keyword you want more ranking data on.

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